Double stage crusher

The double stage crusher is also called a double rotor hammer type crusher. It is a new type of raw material pulverizer. The machine overcomes the defects of raw material with large moisture content and not easily out of material. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and good crushing effect. The machine is suitable for cinder, slag, slag, shale, coal and coal in calcite, limestone and brick and tile factory. Waste materials such as waste rock, building waste and building waste are crushed, and the problem of using gangue and coal cinder as adding material and internal fuel is solved. The machine is equivalent to two sets of hammers, which are combined into one whole, and two sets of rotors are used in series.


Know more about FDM Double stage crusher


1. The operation is simple and the installation and maintenance are convenient. Electric hydraulic control, one person can easily complete the operation, maintenance, replacement parts and so on.
2. The grain size is uniform and the yield is high. The particle size is uniform and the material can be broken more than 20 tons per hour. The cost of crushing every ton of coal cinder is not more than 1.8 rmb.
3. The damaged parts have long service life. The machine adopts high alloy wear resistant hammers, shortening the time of material retention in the crushing cavity, thereby improving the service life of the wearing parts.
4. The use rate of the hammer is high. The unique displacement and gap adjustment technology does not need to be repaired after the hammerhead is worn, and the mobile position is repeatedly used. A hammer can be used with three pairs of hammers.


Working principle


This series of crusher is broken through two rows of double rotors, no sifter, all kinds of wet slag can be broken, both water can be pulled out and can be broken at any time. There is no sticking blockage. The size of material control only needs to adjust the gap between the broken hammer head. The general crusher, because the material is stuck in the crushing cavity and causes blockage, causes the related parts to aggravate the attrition. This series crusher can avoid the above phenomenon.
Finished Product size

Technical data







Max.feed size(mm)





Discharge size(mm)

≤3mm (<2mm 90%)

≤3mm (<2mm 90%)

≤3mm (<2mm 90%)

≤3mm (<2mm 90%)

Capacity (t/h)










Overall size(mm)





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